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5 Things to Consider When Building a Motorcycle Shed

A motorcycle is a significant and fun investment. You want to make sure it is cared for properly and stored safely when you aren’t riding it so you can enjoy it for many years to come. A storage shed is a great way that many motorcycle owners choose to store their bikes.

Here are some things to consider when building a shed for your motorcycle:

Everything Starts with a Good FoundationThings to Consider When Building a Motorcycle Shed

A typical storage shed is okay with a cement block base foundation that lifts the floor from contact with the ground. When you are building a shed for the purpose of storing your motorcycle, you will need a stronger cement pad foundation to ensure the floor has enough support to hold the weight of the bike. You don’t want to risk bowing the floor or having it crack.

A concrete slab foundation will also help to reinforce the strength of the entire structure during harsh weather and storms to keep your bike protected.


You could store a bike into a shorter shed, but over time you may regret having to duck down uncomfortably every time you want to get the bike out and go for a ride or every time you need to put it away. We suggest purchasing a shed tall enough for you to easily walk in and walk out. This includes the height of the door. When you are getting ready for a ride you don’t want to have to slow down and think about not hitting your head. You just want to get out on the road and enjoy your ride.

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Weather Protection

One of the main reasons you are purchasing a shed for your motorcycle is to keep it protected from and out of harsh weather elements like wind, rain, scorching sun, snow, etc. Motorcycles are built with some level of weather protection, but they do still need to be stored out of the elements to ensure the best lifespan of the bike. Some avid bike enthusiasts recommend not only keeping your bike in a shed, but also getting a rug to give the tires an extra layer of protection from very cold weather as well as opting out of windows. Having walls without windows gives just a bit more protection from harsh temperatures and moisture.


Another major reason for purchasing a shed to store your bike is to keep it protected from theft. This is another reason to opt-out of installing windows on your shed. With no windows, no one can peek inside to see what is worth taking. If you would really like some daylight in your shed instead of the need for lights a skylight or horizontal windows at the top of the walls are a better security option.

Concealing the door hinges will prevent anyone from removing them and then removing the doors to get to your bike. A solid lock on the door is also a must. You can use a heavy-duty padlock or invest in a shed bar for extra strength.

Some riders like to install a camera system that gives an alert to their phone if motion is detected or picked up on the camera. You can purchase cameras with online monitoring from many electronics stores or even on Amazon. It is a good idea to have one at the door and another at the back or over any windows if you have them.


To determine what size of shed you would like it is a good idea to ask what functions you want your shed to be able to perform. If you are looking to only store your bike and nothing else a 10×10 shed will provide plenty of space. If you want to store extra accessories or be able to perform maintenance on your bike from the shed you will want something bigger.

For help determining what size of shed with the best security and design for your bike please contact us anytime via email or phone or come and visit with us. We would love to build a shed that is perfect for storing your motorcycle.

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