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7 Benefits of Installing a Horse Shed

A run-in horse shed is a great alternative to a traditional barn for many reasons. One of the biggest possibly being the cost to build a barn versus building a shed. But a run in horse shed does not only benefit your budget it can be greatly beneficial to your horse’s health.

Here’s Why:

Shelter from Harsh Weather7 Benefits of Installing a Horse Shed

Horses are strong animals and better withstand extreme weather than we can, but sometimes they do need some shelter from the elements. A horse shed provides that bit of protection even though most horse sheds have one or two open walls. A horse shed can provide shade on hot days or a roof to get out of snow and rain.

Great Ventilation

One of the big issues with enclosed stalls in a barn, is less ventilation and higher chances of catching things from other horses or illness caused from breathing in fumes trapped into the barn.

A Retreat from Insects

Horses are fly magnets, especially in warm summer months. Hanging outside in the pasture your horse will run into a swarm or two of flies and other insects that love to be out in the hot sun. Since they prefer the heat of the sun a horse can walk into the shade of the shed at any time to get a respite from pests.

More Opportunity to Exercise

A horse shed allows your horse to choose when they want to go out and run. More often than not a horse prefers to be outside roaming free and exercising. More active horses have better overall health, just like humans.

Better Mental Health

Horses can develop anxiety and behavioral issues when they are cooped up inside of an enclosed space for too long. Horses require high levels of exercise and also need social interaction with their owners and even other horses. It is not uncommon for stalled horses to develop behavioral problems that lead to physical destruction such as cribbing.

Allows for a Healthier Feeding Plan

Though horses are very large animals that consume large amounts of food, they have relatively small stomachs for their body size. Because of this, they need to graze and nibble all day long. Horses are natural-born grass grazers. The best diet a horse could have is the opportunity to nibble on pasture grass all day and come into the shed when they need to for some supplemental hay and feed.

Move Your Shed to Benefit Your Horse

A shed is smaller and moveable with a block foundation. It can be moved anywhere on your property to better benefit your horses routines and needs. In colder months you can move the shed to a location with less wind and put it back again in the summer to take advantage of a cool breezy shade in peak times of heat.

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