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Did you know your backyard shed could be making you money? Here are some creative ways that you can use a simple backyard shed for some possible passive income.

Create a vacation rental in your backyardCan Your Backyard Shed Be A Source of Income?

Vacation rentals are highly sought out right now so much so that they are being booked out into next year. What better way to make a little bit of passive income and never have to leave your home than to create a vacation rental from a simple backyard shed. It may not seem like the small space would be somewhere that someone would pay to stay for a vacation, but you may be surprised. Especially if you live in a great location just a little bit from the water or near a popular tourist destination, or even a half-hour to an hour out from a popular destination. More and more people are looking for quiet and simple accommodations that are also budget-friendly, so creating a vacation rental out of your backyard shed may just be a lucrative way to have your shed make you some extra money.

Just make sure that you are fully within the legal zoning laws and parameters for your specific property.

Creating a full-time rental

Again this will be something you want to make sure you check with your local zoning laws about, but many places in Seattle and all around the Puget Sound are allowing for homeowners to put up what is called an accessory dwelling unit or a granny pod to rent out as a way of helping out with the current housing crisis. There are certain rules and each city and neighborhood has its own distinct set of rules for allowing backyard rentals. It could be a great way to help someone find some affordable housing while making some passive income from your shed. Just make sure you know all of the rules and parameters and what you need to provide as a landlord for your tenant.

Can Your Backyard Shed Be A Source of Income?Rent out your backyard as an oasis or a party spot

One homeowner in Colorado decided to capitalize on the fact that pools were not open during the pandemic and rent out his backyard pool so that people could enjoy a swim while local pools were closed. If you have a great backyard or a sizable backyard that you could turn into an oasis you could rent it out as a party space or just a space to hang out for people that do not have the ability to do so at their own home. You could turn a backyard shed into something such as a coffee café, a bar, an amazing barbecue/outdoor kitchen space, or a great retreat pool house next to your outdoor pool. This could turn into a great space to rent out and you just may be surprised at how many people would be interested to be able to use a private backyard retreat for a couple of hours.

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