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Do Tiny Houses Cost More Per Square Foot?

There are many reasons that make building or purchasing a tiny home appealing. One of the most popular reasons, perhaps, is that tiny homes are thought to be cheaper than purchasing a traditional-sized home.

One of the little-known facts about tiny houses that have been recently uncovered, however, is that tiny homes are not actually as little of an upfront investment as some people think. Most often those hoping to save the most money will build their own tiny home from the ground up and discover the process is more involved and not nearly as cheap as originally thought when adding all of the details together. Some resale tiny homes are increasing in price as well.

Why do Tiny Homes Cost More per Square Foot than Traditional Homes?

A tiny home has a larger price per square foot because there is less living space to divide the overall cost by. Though tiny houses still cost less than standard-sized ones, when you break it down to a cost per square foot, the tiny home is going to come out with a higher number.

How Much Can the Price Differ Between a Tiny Home and a Traditional Home?

It is hard to put an exact number on just how much more per square foot tiny homes cost as compared to traditional homes as the actual cost of each tiny home differs with the specific tiny home. Most tiny homes are custom built with every detail being picked out by the homeowner. Though some tiny houses are being sold as kits and some are being resold by original owners.

There are some things that will increase the price per square foot of a tiny home and this is the land that it is put on and the quality of materials, just as it would in a traditional home, but the price of higher quality materials in a tiny home is going to be a bit more because items for tiny homes are more of a custom order as compared to being able to walk into an appliance store and purchase nearly any product available for a traditional home.

Tiny Homes are Still Worth the Cost and Here is Why

Though tiny homes technically cost more when using square feet as a comparison, the overall bill is still less than that of a traditional home because there are much less square feet. Then there is the cost of maintaining the home and paying for utilities to keep the home running to consider once you are actually living in it as well as spending less on things to fill the house with.

To determine if the extra up-front investment is worth it, a home buyer should ask themselves if they really could see themselves being happy in a tiny home in the long run. This can be answered with some questions like your need to stretch out, to have space to yourself, and how often you like to be at home, as well as what your interests and hobbies are and how much space they require.

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