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Tiny Homes Can Be Great Vacation Rentals

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If you are considering investing in a vacation home as a means of making passive income from vacationers looking for a comfy spot to lay their head, it may be a good idea to consider building a tiny house in a desirable location.

Tiny homes may not be the first picture that pops into a person’s head when they think of a vacation rental. There are many reasons why a tiny home could be a great vacation home investment.

Tiny Homes Can Be Great Vacation RentalsTiny Homes Can Be Great Vacation Rentals

Tiny Houses are Trendy

Tiny homes have continued to gain in popularity. Stories about tiny homes are everywhere, from TV shows that show what it’s like for a whole family to live in just over 100 ft.² of space. To homeowners during the pandemic looking for a little bit of extra space and instead of making their home bigger, simply building a tiny home in their yard.

Permanently living in a tiny home is not for everyone and it requires a love for a minimalistic lifestyle that is just not everyone’s cup of tea. But being able to experience the tiny home lifestyle for even just a few days is intriguing to almost anyone.

Not only does a tiny home attract those who love tiny homes, but it can also attract those who are intrigued by the idea of a tiny home and would consider vacationing in one to get a feel for it even if they will not live in one permanently.

You Can Fit More of Them on a Property

If you buy a piece of land with the intent of building an ideal vacation property considering a tiny home could allow you the possibility of building more than one tiny home. In some desirable locations, a small row of mini cabins is highly desirable to vacationers. Especially in locales where glamping is highly desirable. And there are many areas in the Pacific Northwest where glamping sells really well.

Tiny Houses are Affordable

The lower price tag is one of the biggest benefits of building a tiny home as a vacation rental. A tiny home can be built for just a fraction of the cost of finding a prime traditional home in a location that somebody would want to vacation. Lower costs also mean a smaller down payment on a loan as well as lower mortgage payments. Maintenance and utility costs of course will be lower as well.

Vacation Homes of All Types are in High Demand Right Now

Instead of the typical 5-star beach hotel, or the glamorous spa in the mountains, many people are seeking out the ability to rent a vacation property. During the pandemic, many people sought the freedom of being able to rent a private property instead of staying in a hotel. Not only did it allow for more freedom and choice in vacation plans, but it also helped them to have a safer state of mind knowing that they could more easily distance themselves from other vacationing strangers.

And even as more things are opening up, and restrictions are coming down, people are still searching for vacation properties to rent as they discovered they prefer a more relaxed housing atmosphere. And that in some cases they could spend the same amount of money or less on sleeping arrangements with more amenities like their own private kitchen.

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