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6 Items Tiny Home Owners Regret Buying

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Living in a tiny home can be a challenge, especially when you first start out. When designing a tiny home, here are five things that most tiny homeowners regret including in the design of their tiny home.

6 Items Tiny Home Owners Regret Buying

Combination Washer/Dryer

Though a combination appliance that does both washing and drying of your clothes takes up much less space in a tiny home than having a separate clothes washer and clothes dryer, there just doesn’t seem to be a combination machine on the market that gets the job of laundry done well. Since there is much more moisture in the machine after the wash cycle than you would experience in a typical dryer the dryer function of the machine takes much longer than a dryer that only dries. Many people who purchased combination machines for their home said they would prefer maybe a stacking unit with separate machines instead.

A Separate Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units can be compact, but they can also take up valuable window space in a tiny home or require major renovation adjustments. A spilt unit that both heats and cools is a better system because unlike a combination washer/dryer it can perform both jobs well with half of the space taken up.

A Ladder for Loft Space

A ladder takes up less floor space in a tiny home than a staircase does, but if you have a pet in your tiny home and want them to be able to access every part of the home, a ladder will not allow them to do so. Ladders are also harder to navigate for those who have mobility issues like little kids and the elderly. A ladder is also much harder to use if you injure yourself at any point in your life.

An Oven

Now this one might seem odd when reading it, but those who said they regret purchasing an oven for their tiny home stated that there are several other smaller appliances that can do the same job such as a convection toaster or an air fryer.

Non-Essential Furniture

Though it is tempting to get excited about the interior design of your tiny space, resist the urge to fit just one more item in. Keep your furniture to just the essentials. You will be glad you did.

Anything That Rarely Gets Used

This one is a little bit of a broad category instead of an actual item. In a tiny home you really have to stick to only holding onto items that you really love and use. It can quickly become a cluttered stressful mess when you start to collect things that seem like they might be useful. Before purchasing anything for your tiny home, ask yourself if you really plan to use it or it is something that you have been wishing you had as you go about daily life.

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