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Living in a Tiny Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Living Minimalist

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Living in a Tiny Home Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Living Minimalist – Several people decide to take up a tiny home lifestyle because it can offer more freedom and simplicity. Most often the tiny house lifestyle is tied to taking in a completely minimalist lifestyle. But tiny home living doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to take on this mindset and style of living.Living in a Tiny Home Doesn't Have to Mean Living Minimalist

Some tiny homeowners merely want to live a more practical style, not a completely bare-bones one. You could design a tiny home with a mindset of simply having a home that is not more than what you truly need or will actually utilize on a daily basis.

A more deliberate approach to only building as many homes as you truly need will help you to maximize the space in a tiny home and not feel like you have to completely give up all the niceties or comforts that people enjoy in typical traditional homes.

Instead of going all out with a tiny home minimalist lifestyle, you could opt for a more relaxed practical lifestyle in a tiny home if that better fits who you are.

Here are some tips for building a tiny home with a practical minimalist mindset

Spend Some Time Studying Other Tiny Homes

To decide on exactly how much space, you need it is good to become a student of different tiny homes. Check out other tiny homes on YouTube, home improvement shows blogs, social media, and more. This will help you to decide just how much space would be practical and not what would win you the tiny house of the year award.

The idea here is to find a tiny home design that will help you to live with only what you need for a comfortable lifestyle not to sacrifice and skimp. Think about design attributes that would help you to love living more simply in your tiny home.

Think About Comfort Items You Can’t/don’t Want to Give Up

Would you prefer to have a full-size bathroom with a shower and a separate washer and dryer? You can build a tiny home with these attributes inside. Not all tiny homes have to be incredibly tiny. Maybe you want a full bedroom with a decent-sized closet. Or maybe you would like to have a full-size deck to create an outdoor living space to entertain outside. One with an outdoor kitchen.

You could include one or all of these features and still be living in a tiny home. A smartly designed 250-square-foot home can surprisingly fit many features that would allow you to live with just what you need.

Pair down Your Things but Keep a Few That are Truly Special

Getting rid of a lot of stuff that you truly don’t need will help you to live more simply and with less stress, but this does not mean you have to get rid of pretty much everything except for what you could use to live off of for a week.

Go through your things and think about items that truly mean something or carry a sentimental story with them. Use these items to decorate your home. A home full of those things that remind you of your most special moments is one that helps you to concentrate on what is good in life.

For more information on building a practical tiny home to help you live a simpler lifestyle that you love contact us any time or stop by and see us in the North Marysville area.

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