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Are You Ready to Move to a Tiny House?

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Are You Ready to Move to a Tiny House? There are many reasons living in a tiny home sounds intriguing from saving money to being able to move your home around the country if you wanted or just being able to live a simpler less stressed lifestyle. Though these all sound fantastic, living in a tiny home still isn’t for everyone.

Before making the big change and living in a tiny home there are some questions you might want to consider. Some things to ask yourself to better assess how you personally might adjust to living in a tiny home. Here are 7 questions to ask before moving to a tiny home:

Have You Ever Lived in a Small Space Before?Are You Ready to Move to a Tiny House?

Not many of us can say we grew up living in a minimal amount of square footage. If you spent some time living in an RV, tiny dorm room, or studio apartment and can say you enjoyed it then adjusting to a tiny home might not be too huge of a change.

It is good to know just how big a tiny home really is if you have never lived in a small space before. The average tiny home is between 400 and 700 square feet. The average American home is actually 2,600 square feet making the standard garage larger than a tiny home.

We suggest measuring out this amount of space or finding a room that is about this size and hang out in just that amount of space for a bit. Is it smaller than you realized? Some other things to consider that you may need to do in a tiny home include sleeping in a loft “bedroom” , combining the kitchen counter with other uses like a desk or dining space, and using small nooks and crannies for every inch of storage possible.

How Much Time do You Spend at Home?

Even before the pandemic Americans were spending more time at home than ever before. Spending large amounts of time in a tiny home might end up in a person becoming bored or feeling claustrophobic. There are ways to get out of your home even in the pandemic, but are you a person that likes to get creative with getting outside? If you are someone that likes your space to feel comfortable and cozy and not constricting when you hang out after a long day, a tiny home may not be the best fit.

How Comfortable is it to Share Space?

Some people love and thrive off of being near other people, while others need some time to spend alone and collect their thoughts. Living in a tiny home leaves very little space for being alone. There are ways that having time and space to yourself can be worked out, it just needs to be a little more planned, thoughtful and creative. If you need space you can go outside, have one person hang out in the loft with a curtain partition and the other in the living area, or go somewhere on your own.

What do You Like to Do?

What hobbies do you take part in and find fun when you have free time? Some hobbies are not so easily enjoyed in a tiny space. Those who enjoy collecting or building things may not find much room to enjoy their hobbies. Musical instruments can be difficult especially if you are not living on your own.

How Attached are you to Your Stuff?

Living in a tiny home is going to require you to get rid of a large amount of your stuff. To help you determine if you can do it and sustain a minimal lifestyle pair down your things just for pretend to try it out. Live on only what you can have in a tiny home for a month and see how it goes. Was your live better, or less enjoyable?

Do you Like to Host Guests?

If you enjoy having friends over often, it can be very different to have them over to a tiny home and it could be difficult convincing friends to come hang out in a tiny home. You might have to trade in some home hosted parties for going out.

What is Personally Important in a Home for Your Daily Lifestyle?

This is the question you should take the most time with. When you picture your daily life, like really take some time to go through an entire day and picture how you honestly love to live it right now, does it work with the tiny home lifestyle? Be honest about what truly matters to you in a day, because you will thank yourself when you are not hating the choice you made hastily.

If you have thought through all these questions and can say, “Yes, living in a tiny home is going to work for me. I can really see myself living in less space with less stuff.” Then the next step to come and check out our custom buildings that can be turned into tiny homes. Sheds are a good option to turn into a tiny home.

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