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How Long Does a Tiny House Last?

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Tiny houses have been popular for some time now and as such more and more advances are being made in the tiny home sector. Today even the tiniest of homes can pack a lot of comfortable living punch into such a small amount of square footage.How Long Does a Tiny House Last?

On the other hand, a regular-sized home can feel much more substantial and sturdy when it comes to hunkering down during inclement weather such as a strong wind storm like we have seen many times here in the Pacific Northwest. This leads Sam to ask the question are tiny homes durable and how long will they last?

A quality built tiny house can last for several years and even decades with the proper routine maintenance and correct building.

The wear and tear you should expect on a tiny house

All types of structures experience normal wear and tear, even the backyard storage shed at a traditional home will experience wear and tear with time. Every single item within any home will see age and loss of usefulness and as such products are often stamped with a usable lifetime expectation when you purchase them.

Does a tiny house wear down faster than a traditional home?

There are some likely reasons that could point to a tiny home having a lesser lifespan on items within the home as compared to a traditional one. Some of these reasons are:

A tiny house of course is defined as a tiny house because it is a small space. Due to the limited amount of space, there is an increase in usage of the spaces within a tiny home as compared to a traditional home. It is not uncommon for a traditional-sized home to have at least one area that gets little to almost no use. Whereas every area of a tiny home is frequently used all the time.

The more people you have living in the same tiny home together, the more use items receive. With a larger home, family members can be spread out across the home and items in the house get usage from 1 to 2 people on a regular basis. In a tiny home, the same items can see use by three or four people more frequently on a daily basis.

Optimally the key to having your tiny home last as long as possible and items within it is to make sure that you are maintaining your tiny home properly.

Tiny house maintenance tips to help your tiny home last longer

The key to getting the most longevity out of your tiny house and all the fixtures within it is to maintain it with as much care as possible to keep it in top shape. Here are some things to make sure you regularly maintain in your tiny home to give it as long of a life as possible.

Tire pressure

Make sure to check the tire pressure every time before hitting the road, if your tiny home is on wheels. Make sure that the tires are not underinflated because this can be a huge cause of tire failure. Tiny house tires should be inflated to the suggested maximum for the tire itself.

Oil trailer hitches

If you have a tiny home on a trailer make sure that oil has been applied to the hitch to help with constant exposure to rain and humidity that can cause rust. You want to try and oil your hitch every three trips so that the ball and hitch are moving smoothly.

Compost accelerators for composting toilets

A compost accelerator will help to keep your compost toilet composting the way it was intended. You can find compost mixes available anywhere that compost materials are found. It is a good idea to add a compost mix every two days to maintain the nitrogen and carbon balance allowing bacteria to degrade any waste.

Think twice about using the exterior of your home to support swings and other outdoor furniture

Some tiny homeowners like to hang an outdoor chair from the exterior of their home or have a fold-down table attached to the exterior of the home. This can cause a lot of wear and tear on the exterior finishes of your tiny home. Instead, opt for outdoor furniture that is free-standing on its own using the natural support of the earth instead of wearing away at your tiny home structure.

Of course, there are several other maintenance items within tiny homes and for the most part, things like the roof and the windows should be cleaned and checked regularly just as in a traditional home. Maybe on a little bit more of a frequent schedule than with a traditional home.

For more information on tiny homes in the Puget Sound area please contact us anytime or stop by and see us in the north Marysville area.

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