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Indoor Plants are Great for Tiny Homes

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Indoor Plants are Great for Tiny Homes – More time spent inside our personal homes meant more ability to give attention to the details of our living environment. This led to a trend or resurgence of people loving houseplants. There are several pictures all over the internet of people creating a green oasis inside their homes.

Maybe this has inspired you to create your own green oasis, but what about keeping houseplants in a tiny home? Do you have enough space?

Reasons to Bring Indoor Plants into Your Tiny Space

Houseplants Purify the Air

Live plants can help the inhabitants of the home breathe cleaner air. Indoor plants have been shown to filter out pollutants and toxins from indoor settings. It is even more beneficial in smaller spaces where plants can more efficiently filter less air.

Plants Bring a Comforting Feel to a Room

The presence of real plants in a room brings life and comfort to a space. They help to give a more luxurious feel to a room when properly placed as well as bring life and comfort to a space.

Indoor Plants Have Been Shown to Help Mental Health

Caring for indoor plants has the same effect that outdoor gardening has on the soul. It can make the caregiver calmer and happier when they achieve plant care success. Studies have found that indoor plants have helped to reduce stress fatigue, and anxiety while easing symptoms of depression and boosting mood.

Plants Can Improve Productivity

We have all experienced periods where we just don’t feel like doing anything. Bruno Mars even wrote a song about it. Some studies have found that bringing live plants into a workspace has helped to increase productivity by up to 15%.

Great Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

Air plants

This may seem like something that is make-believe but it is actually a thing. An air plant is ideal for a small space because it is delicate but hearty and very easy to care for. They get their name because they don’t even need soil to live. They need a quick mist daily in the spring and fall and just once a week during colder months in the winter.

Lucky bamboo

This is a plant for a tiny home with very little natural light you can even grow it in your bathroom. Lucky bamboo thrives on moderate temperatures and clean water. The roots should be kept wet after watering. The water should be changed completely every 10 days.

ZZ plant

This is a plant that needs very little light and is great for beginning gardeners. This plant only requires water when the soil is dry and can survive several months without any attention or much water.

Aloe vera

Aloe likes a completely sunny spot and a heavy terra-cotta plant home. The terra-cotta gives circulation and helps provide heavy support to the top-heavy plant. It also works as a great home remedy for several different things when using the sap/gel inside the leaves.

Spider plant

The spider plant has long slender leaves that look like spider legs. They grow in lower light conditions and do not require a ton of watering. It thrives best in rich and well-drained potting soil.

The best plants for small spaces are those that do not require a ton of fussy care and do not spread out and overtake their surroundings. Those that do not require a ton of space are also great to liven up small corners of your tiny home.

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