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Creating a Home Office in a Tiny Home

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Many people have been working remotely from their homes for some time now since the beginning of the pandemic. But if you live in a tiny home, how can you continue to make this transition from working inside of an office to inside of your home a smoother and more permanent one?

Here are some ideas for setting up a functional tiny home office in your tiny space

Set aside a corner of a bedroomCreating a Home Office in a Tiny Home

This is a great plan for a tiny home that does not have a bedroom within the loft. While you still could make a small pseudo-office work from a bedroom loft, it could be quite more difficult. Not all tiny homes have located their bedroom within a loft. Sticking your small amount of dedicated office space within the one room that has a closable door besides the bathroom in your tiny home would be the perfect location.

The great thing about a home office space is you don’t even have to bring in a traditional desk. You can bring in a smaller table or create a DIY table that folds down from the wall that can fold back up to still give you maximum space when you want to use your bedroom as a bedroom again.

You can even keep it comfy and inspirational by hanging some of your favorite things over or next to the desk which will still add and not detract from the decor in your bedroom.

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Place a multi-use floating desk along one end of the tiny home

One of the best tricks to designing a tiny home that functions well of course is to use space optimally and creatively while fitting every function in, like a well put together puzzle. Some tiny homeowners have opted to use one end of their home as a multipurpose workstation by placing a floating desk from one wall to the other in the end of their home.

The space can also serve as a dining table when you’re not working and you could even place it underneath a window to help you feel like you are not cramped within your home. It’s a nice way to tuck in a desk without it feeling like it is cumbersome, or in the middle and getting in the way.

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Tuck it into a cabinet or closet

If you are someone that prefers to be able to put work away and close it off and compartmentalize it so that it is unseen and not thought of in the rest of your day, this is a great idea. You could take a little nook of your tiny home and create a cabinet or closet space that can be opened and used for work during the day and then tucked away behind closed doors to be thought of again only during the next day’s work hours.

Create a Transformer-like home office

If your space is of the tiniest of square footage, in the tiniest of tiny homes, you may need to get even more creative and create a space that can be transformed from an office by day and into a leisurely living room or bedroom by night. There are many great and creative ways in which you can create a space where a table can be set up during the day for work hours and then all of your things can be picked up and put it into cubbies or shelves and the table can be folded away at night time when you just want to relax.

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