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Three Tips for Creating a Green Tiny Home

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Three Tips for Creating a Green Tiny Home

For some interested in living the tiny home lifestyle, the biggest driving factor is the ability to live a greener lifestyle. No matter if you’re just starting out and in the planning stages or if you have already built your green tiny home there are some ways to make your tiny home, even more, earth-friendly.

Here are three green tips for creating the most eco-friendly tiny home

Solar roof tiles

Placing solar panels on your roof can be a great way to consume less energy from the main grid. It is becoming quite useful even in traditional homes so much so that some energy companies are paying candidates in great locations to install them.

There are many great solar products on the market one of the newest and in-demand is actual roof tiles that absorb solar energy. Just a few years ago the Tesla company rolled out with the first-ever solar roof tiles creating a large demand for the product. With this high drive in interest, other companies have taken this first original design and improved on it.

This product allows a homeowner not to have giant bulky panels that sort of stick out from the home design and rather blend seamlessly into it as they look a lot like traditional roof tiles. As time goes on there will only be more availability and maybe even a lower cost point. One of the perks to a tiny home is that you don’t need as much material so it makes it more affordable.

Finish materials made out of recycled product

It is not uncommon for the average household to recycle their cans, glass, and paper. But what happens to these items after the giant truck dumps them in the back and halls them off? There are many companies using these large amounts of products and turning them into things with a brand-new life such as finish materials for the home.

Today you can find items like glass tiles made from recycled products that look even better than brand new ones. In many cases, you would not be able to tell the difference between brand new glass and the recycled version. But the earth will thank you for giving the glass a second life.

You could even go the extra mile and create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece by finding your own glass at the recycling center and turning it into a mosaic tile project. Not only will this be a truly unique finished product in your home it is also much more cost-friendly.

As for reusing paper, there are some great insulation products that take paper and get a new life in your home. This insulation has been given the name cellulose insulation it is made out of office paper, cardboard, and newspaper. It is easily installed into our home using a traditional insulation blower. An added benefit is that it does not contain any chemicals that are harsh and it is very pet friendly as well.

Cork floors

Cork floors are not just lightweight and comfortable to walk on they are also often made out of recycled cork products that is less impactful on the environment. Cork floors also give a level of insulation and are 100% water resistant as well as hypoallergenic and ergonomic.

Cork floors are a great environmentally friendly product to choose for your tiny home floors because they help to keep thousands of pounds of cork waste out of landfills while also helping to absorb impact on your body from walking across the floor. It is a win-win-win flooring because it helps you the environment and it makes your house look good.

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