One of the largest expenses of building a tiny home that is mobile on wheels is the trailer. The cost of making your tiny home mobile by placing it on a trailer starts from $3000-$6000 just for the trailer alone. A simple slab foundation to create a permanent tiny home starts at a much lower price from just 1000 $2000 including the labor. So the appeal of making your tiny home a permanent fixture on a piece of land is much more intriguing.Average Cost of Building a Permanent Tiny Home on a Foundation

The one sticky point of a permanent tiny home however is complying with all applicable zoning ordinances for the particular land that you plan to build a tiny home on. This can lead to additional expenses that some people do not plan for. Building permits for a permanent housing structure can vary greatly based upon the exact location of a home and the type of home. The national average for these type of permits is around $1200. In many cases zoning laws can require permanent tiny home structures to have a water and sewer connection this expense can quickly add up, some areas can charge into the tens of thousands.

Many tiny home dwellers choose to go with off-grid options for their plumbing and electricity, however, in some areas off-grid options are considered illegal, this is why some tiny home dwellers choose to stick with keeping their tiny home mobile and building it on a trailer.

Regardless of the option you choose, making your tiny home permanent and building it upon a foundation within specified building codes and zoning laws is still going to save a considerable amount of money as compared to building a traditional-sized home.

Pros and cons of building a tiny home on a permanent foundation

  • The upside of having a permanent foundation for your tiny home
  • You can build larger than the safety parameters for placing a tiny home on a trailer
  • You have much more freedom to build a different floorplan or structural type; having a trailer limits the measurements of a tiny home for safety purposes
  • You have the possibility of under house utilities and access
  • Having a tiny home on land gives more insulation
  • Allows for future expansion should you need or want it

The downside of a tiny home on a permanent foundation

  • The overall additional cost will wind up being more expensive
  • You no longer have the freedom to travel and place your tiny home anywhere that you wish
  • Property taxes are part of owning a tiny home on land
  • There are more laws and red tape
  • Requires more oversight of building plans and inspections

The question to whether you should choose to build a tiny home on a permanent foundation or a trailer that is mobile is really a matter of the type of lifestyle you choose to live in your tiny home. For some, a permanent foundation is the better way to go as it allows for the ability to be more creative in architecture and gives a little more space. For others keeping their tiny home mobile is more cost-effective and allows them the freedom to travel and adventure.

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