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Considering A Tiny Home?

Anyone who’s considering the radical downsizing that goes with tiny home living already knows the obvious benefits and drawbacks.  While it’s true that a three-bedroom home might be out of reach for many financially, tiny homes, not so much. Homeownership has long been a key to building generational wealth because of equity and appreciation. With tiny homes, you get a roof and four walls, but not necessarily the long-term investment, or even the ability to sell, in many cases.Considering A Tiny Home?

The tiny house movement is the idea that people can do more with less. For many Americans, this mindset is a much-needed diversion from the country’s obsessive consumerism. A tiny house is a giant leap in lifestyle for those who haven’t experienced them. For individuals who have come to enjoy a certain degree of comfort, the constraints of a tiny house can prove disenchanting, failing to meet their expectations as an alternative way of life.

Those who want to make a tiny house their home should research the many different angles of this complicated subject.


People seeking to buy a tiny house will find no lack of enthusiastic testimonials about the tiny lifestyle. Many of these claims are rational, with evidence to support them. Below are four reasons why a tiny house is a smart choice for those looking for a change.

Reduced Cost

The immediate appeal of owning a tiny house is the reduced cost of maintenance. It’s a simple matter of scale. With a smaller property, the owner pays less for regular upkeep, while a larger property demands a constant stream of money to account for regular fixes and perpetual servicing. For homeowners looking to downgrade, this factor might contribute to their final decision to buy, as it should. Many attribute their decision to the money they save on their monthly utilities, from reduced energy expenditure on efficient appliances to lower heating and cooling costs. These small cuts add up quickly.

Ability to Travel

Those who participate in the tiny house movement cite the mobility of their homes as a factor behind their purchase. As long as the tiny house is road legal and the homeowner has the proper equipment, they can hitch their house to their vehicle or transport it via trailer to a destination of their choosing.

Tiny houses can be alluring to anyone striving toward greater simplicity. But consider the big picture, before starting down the path to living small.

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