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Can You Buy Your Children a House for Christmas?

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Why yes! Yes, you can!

There are so many things that our kids want for Christmas. We can probably agree that many of the items on our kids’ wish lists are items they won’t be using a few months or maybe even weeks from now. How about instead of spending a large sum on a bunch of little things, investing in a large thing that will bring hours, months, and maybe even years of playtime? An outdoor playhouse makes a great Christmas gift. Here’s why:

There are many different styles and ways to set up a playhouse.Can You Buy Your Children a House for Christmas?

Playhouses have come a long way from four walls a floor and a roof set up in the yard. There are endless possibilities to suit a playhouse to your child’s or children’s personalities and interests. There are many different ways to style, design, and even set up a playhouse for specific hobbies. Here are some great ideas for playhouse use:

  • A space for campouts all year long.
  • Art Studio: make it into an area where your budding artist can get creative and messy with little to no worry about the clean up
  • A place to play with a large collection of special toys. For example: if your little one has a growing train collection this can be a special space to keep that large collection and make playing with trains seem even more special while the space it requires is not taking up valuable real estate in the home.
  • Reading Nook: A quiet place to get caught up in a good book
  • Sleepovers: for older children it can be a place to invite friends for a slumber party while keeping the noise outside.
  • Theatre: have a dramatic future performing arts major? Build on a deck that can be used as a stage and windows that can double as a puppet theater.
  • A restaurant. This is a great place for those kids that love to help in the kitchen to be creative and play when they are not “helping” you out.
  • Or you can hold off an building it until after you reveal the gift and let your kids come visit us in Marysville to dream up and create their very own play house. It will be a gift experience they will never forget.
  • Turn it in to Something for You When they Grow Up

There are many ways a quality custom playhouse can be turned into something else for you to utilize when your kids are grown and have real life-size homes of their own. You could turn it into your special all you alone space for instance, or turn it into a home office space, or you could even use it for more storage.

Have the House the Kids Want to Be At

It is much easier knowing your kids are safe and safely playing when they are playing in your home or your yard where you can keep an eye on them. With a super cool playhouse you will have the yard all the kids want to play in and be able to keep watch over what your little one is doing.

In a Way, It’s a Gift for You Too

Setting up a playhouse outside entices your kids to play outside and you just may find that inside your house is oh so relaxing and quiet now. You may even find it easier to sit down and actually read a book in peace.

For more information on our custom playhouses check out our website, contact us any time, or come and visit us on-site in Marysville.

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