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Adding a Loft to Your Tiny Home

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Adding a Loft to Your Tiny Home

A tiny home is a great way to maximize space, and adding a loft can take full advantage of the compact footprint of the structure. Our custom-built, easy-to-assemble buildings are all available with upgrades, including a variety of loft options. If you want to talk with someone directly about adding a loft to your tiny home or designing the ideal structure for your unique situation, contact us any time.

Wondering if adding a loft is the right move for you? Here are some things to keep in mind.

What is a tiny home loft?

Adding a Loft to Your Tiny Home

A loft is an upgrade option for your mini cabin or backyard building, providing a middle ground between a one and two story structure. The loft can provide additional storage or living space, with a lower ceiling height than you would find in a second story. Adding a loft is a great customization option to maximize the footprint of the structure, taking up no more space on your property.

What type of backyard structure would benefit from a loft?

There are many ways to use a backyard building, and nearly all of these are a good candidate for upgrading to a loft. In a garden shed or detached garage, a loft can provide extra storage space. We offer reinforced lofts that have 1000 lb capacity per square foot so you can comfortably store whatever you need off the ground and out of the way.

If you are designing a guest house, a loft can provide an additional bedroom space, so that you can host more than one or two guest when needed. Home offices can also benefit from a loft, making extra office space or providing storage for work materials or inventory.

What are the pros of adding a loft?

Adding a loft can open up the ways you can use the loft in many ways. Some of the benefits include:

  • Lofts can be the perfect place to store items that take up a lot of space but don’t need to be accessed regularly, like seasonal decor, mementos, or extra stock from a small business.
  • Keeping inventory off the ground if you live in a flood prone area can be a concern for those running a small business from home, and a loft can solve that problem easily.
  • If increasing the living or working space without taking up any more room in your backyard is a priority, a loft is the obvious solution.

What are the cons of adding a loft?

A loft won’t be for everyone. Keep in mind that adding a loft has a few drawbacks:

  • A loft will have a much lower ceiling than a second story, so that most people would not be able to stand up in it.
  • It’s important to understand the weight capacity of different loft options to select the right one for your plans.
  • Lofts are usually accessed by ladders or small staircases, so they may not be best for people with limited mobility.

Whether you are considering a single story, two story, or a space with a loft, we can help you customize and upgrade a design to ideally suit your needs. To learn more about our mini cabins or backyard sheds, contact us any time!

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