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5 Unique Ways to Utilize a Detached Garage

A detached garage can be a great asset to your property and can be used to house more than just cars or lawn equipment. Here are 5 unique ways to use a detached garage.

Workshop5 Unique Ways to Utilize a Detached Garage

If you do not have a hobby space in your room or the current one on your property is too small for your growing free-time activities, utilizing a detached garage as a workshop is a great possibility.

If you are already in your garage and your hobby seems to be overtaking the space building a new or extended space is a good way to alleviate the stress of pulling the car or other items out of there to do what you like to do.

When planning out space for your favorite things, don’t forget to include plans for plenty of electrical outlets, lots of task lighting, and counters. Ventilation is also highly important, especially if your hobby includes chemicals like wood stains and glues.


Not many of us can say we have the luxury of a room where we can let the kids stretch out all of their things and just enjoy using their toys. It is not uncommon for parents and guardians of children to become quickly overwhelmed with kids items overtaking the common living areas of a home. Why not create a playroom in the garage?

You can design a play space the whole family can enjoy. If you have little ones that need supervision, consider creating a corner just for you to enjoy while they are enjoying play time. Just be careful, you may turn into the home all the kids in the neighborhood want to be at.

Home Gym

Now is the time when many of us are making efforts to become healthier versions of ourselves. During this time it is difficult to some of us to find the space to get a workout in. Dedicating some space in a detached garage is a good way to accomplish exercise goals without having to wait for a gym to open back up or wait for the living room to be free to use.

Media Room

Those big open floorplans that allow you to see all that is going on in the main living areas of your home are great, but they aren’t so great if someone wants to watch a movie while someone else is hoping to read a book. Many homeowners with one living area in their homes are searching for ways to create a second space so different activities can be enjoyed at the same time. Utilizing a detached garage as a second living space is a good idea.

Creating a media room in a detached garage even allows you to turn the surround sound up without disturbing other people inside the house. Just make sure it is not so loud it drives the neighbors crazy.

Flex Space

Who says the extra room in the detached garage has to be used for one thing. You can set up space in there as a multipurpose flex space. Maybe you have the need to house out of town guests from time to time, or set up an office or school work area. The great thing about a flex space is, with the right plans, you can quickly change the area over to be anything you need it to be.

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