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Choosing a Location to Build a Detached Garage

Choosing a Location to Build a Detached Garage – Making plans to build a detached garage for extra space on your property can be very exciting. Before you get too far into dreaming what it could look like to put that detached garage on your property, it is a good idea to look into the practicality and reality of placing a detached garage in your yard. There are many things to consider when it comes to the location of a detached garage on your land.

Zoning LocationChoosing a Location to Build a Detached Garage

Though it is your property, there are laws in place on a city and/or county level that limit what you can do on your property. Though they may sometimes seem like a pain, these laws are often in place to help landowners consider the impact that certain improvements will make on the land itself and on the surrounding community.

Every residential property is defined into a zoning category by the local zoning office. Each zoning office has its own set of laws including where structures can be placed in relevance to property lines, the size and height they can be, and the type of use especially concerning if people will be living in the structure.

Before getting too far with the building plans make sure to check the zoning laws for your specific property. You can find these through your city or county. The best way to make sure you know the laws correctly is to make a phone call to the courthouse or city council building and they can direct you to the proper person in charge from there.

You can also look laws up on websites, but it does leave room for error when reading legal jargon instead of having professional help.

The Land Itself

Sometimes, even if you are within all of the zoning restrictions, there are locations in your land that just would not be a good fit to place a detached garage.

For example: you do not want to build a garage in an area of your yard that is sloping and collects most of the runoff from rain and storms. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest where there is plenty of rain. If there is an area of your yard that has this issue, but is the only reasonable place to build your garage you will need to look into landscaping and grading costs to fix that before building the garage. This could mean several thousands of dollars added to the cost of building your garage.

The best thing to do when considering a garage is to seek the help of a professional custom garage builder. They can help you to determine if the plans you have for building a dream detached garage on your property can become a reality or if they may need to be adjusted a little for safety and zoning purposes..

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