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6 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Garage

6 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Garage – In the past few years there has been an increase in home break ins, including all across Washington State. Your house is only as secure as its weakest entry point, and for many homes that is the garage. There are some very valuable and important things stored in the garage, and if your garage is attached to your home it can allow even easier access into the main home.

Here Are Some Smart Ways to Ensure Your Garage is More Secure – Increase Security

Reduce Visibility Inside with Frosted Glass

Windows let in natural light as well as give more visual appeal. Those all-glass garage doors are very popular right now. What is not so helpful about see-through windows is that you can see everything in the garage. They make it easy to case the place, including getting a look into how easy it would be to access the main home. Adding a layer of frosted film to windows makes it much harder to see what is inside and still lets in natural light.

Smart Devices Help to Monitor Activity

Garage door openers do help with security because the door locks when it is closed, but they can still be broken into. A smart garage door opener will send an alert to your phone every time the garage door opens and closes. This will help you to know if it is being opened when it shouldn’t be and some smart openers will even call the police for you or ask if you would like them to be contacted.

Bringing the Garage Opener Remote with You

It is very convenient to clip the garage opener remote to the visor in your car, after all that is what the clip is for. This is also one of the first places that a burglar looks for your remote to be able to get into your home at a later time. Instead keep the remote in your purse, coat pocket, attach it to your keys, or just carry it inside.

Motion Detecting Lights

Thieves like the cover of night in most cases to keep their actions, and their faces, from visibility. Research has shown that motion detecting floodlights have been very useful in deterring criminals from breaking in and increasing security. You can even install a solar-powered light that requires no new electrical hookups. Some lights can detect movement up to 26 feet away.

Locking the Door to Your Home Interior

Many people do not lock the door that leads from inside the home directly into the garage because the garage door is locked already. This is a key reason why so many criminals attempt to access the garage first. Once they are in the garage they are in everywhere. So lock the door from the house to the garage when you leave the home.

Installing Cameras

Having a camera to record all activity around the openings to your garage and the rest of your home, for that matter will help to deter criminals. Some cameras have smart technology that allows you to view what is going on from your phone when you are not home.

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