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8 Garage Upgrades that Increase Home Value

Garages area big asset to a home, but a garage that has certain features is all the more appealing. Here are some garage upgrades that help to increase home value.

Building an Actual Garage8 Garage Upgrades that Increase Home Value

If you do not have a garage at all, putting one on the property will significantly increase the value of your home. In places like the Pacific Northwest where the weather is often wet and unpredictable at times a garage is a huge perk for a home.

Insulating the Garage

An insulated garage is not mandatory, but it is nice to have. An insulated garage allows you to be able to store more in the garage as well as hang out in there and work on projects in a larger range of weather conditions. Make sure that the insulation is the right type with the proper thickness and r-type. This is especially important for garages with apartments above them.

Adding a Room Above the Garage

This can be a complicated, or fairly simple project depending upon your garage. Any time you increase the livable or useful space in your home you increase the value. Just make sure that you have most of the work done professionally, as there is a lot to consider to doing it right.

Adding a Storage Loft

Creating more storage space above your parking spaces will go far to add value to the home. A highly sought after item by many buyers today is plenty of storage space to place things out of main living areas.

Slip Proof Flooring

This one may not make or break the sale of a home, but it can be a helpful perk. Homes with little details and niceties communicate that a homeowner has cared well for the home and it is move-in ready. A slip proof floor looks nice and is a great safety feature, which also appeals to older buyers.

Insulated Garage Door

The quality of your garage door is highly important to the value of your garage and the overall value of your home. The garage door is one of the most notable and noticeable features of your garage. The higher the quality and more up to date the style the better.

Up-to-Date Garage Door

This point goes hand in hand with the last one. The garage door can impact more than just how your garage is seen, it effects the curb appeal of your home in a big way. A garage door plays a big role in the overall styling of your home. The front of your garage takes up about 30% of the total front of your home. An up-to date-garage door that nicely adds style to your home will go a long way to add value. Some real estate experts say it may be the most important garage update you make.


Lighting can help to add value to any space in the home, and the garage is not left out in this. Lighting helps to make a space feel larger and helps to highlight useful areas as well as make a space feel up-to-date and well cared for.

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