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Reasons to Park Your Car in the Garage

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Reasons to Park Your Car in the Garage – It is not uncommon for homeowners to wrestle with the option of turning their entire garage into full storage space and keeping their car out in the driveway. There are some benefits to keeping your car inside your garage, especially when it pertains to the colder months of October through February.

Here are five reasons why it’s a great idea to keep your car inside your garage, especially during colder monthsReasons to Park Your Car in the Garage

Protection from salt

In Western Washington, we don’t get a whole lot of snow, but we do get ice and when we do get snow it quickly turns to ice. Many of the roadways will have a fair amount of salt sprinkled along them to help give cars traction when as they travel across.

When your car travels along these roads, or is parked on or near a road that is traveled by a snowplow sprinkling salt, then your car will get the harmful effects of being exposed to the salt. Keeping a car in a garage can lower its exposure to road salts especially when they are being sprinkled along the roads that you live on while your car sits in the driveway.

During freezing temperatures when road salt is present, it is always a good idea to take your car to the car wash to get rid of salt as often as possible to avoid damage to paint or possible rusting and then house that freshly clean car in the garage.

Fluids thicken cold temperatures

Fluids in your car can become thick in the cold making it harder to work efficiently and effectively when a car is left out in cold weather for long periods of time like overnight. Cold weather can take a toll on all the fluids in a car including antifreeze, oil, power steering fluid, transmission, brake, and any other fluid present in a vehicle. Keeping a car in a garage helps to keep these fluids warmer and your car working the way it was intended.

Protection from harsh weather elements

When your car is outside it is of course more easily exposed to whatever is going on with the weather. All types of weather take a toll on your car even mild ones, but if your car is sitting outside in extreme weather it will take a heavier beating. The effects of harsh weather over time will cause the protective coating layer and paint to chip or corrode much more quickly. It also has much harsher effects on the car battery as well.

Possible lower insurance cost

You may be surprised to find this out, but some car insurance companies will give a cheaper premium to car owners that keep their vehicle stored and protected in a garage. There are many reasons for this from protection from storms that could cause major damage like a falling limb onto a car in the middle of a windstorm and the added protection and security from potential thieves. Keeping a car in a garage is like added protection and shows an elevated level of responsibility for keeping your car in its best shape. It also provides the best possible prevention of something happening to it, therefore, communicating to car insurance companies that you are a responsible car owner which pays off in the form of lower insurance payment.

More smoothly running mornings

When your car is out in the cold all night in the elements you may have to scrape off ice and snow to be able to drive it safely. This simple practice of getting your car ready to drive after it’s been sitting in the cold all night can take several extra minutes in your morning when you were trying to get to work or get the kids to school. We can all agree that it is much better to just climb right into the car and get going after a few short minutes of making sure it is warm and ready to drive then several minutes of standing in the cold and unpleasantly shivering as you take the ice scraper to the windows.

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