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3 Steps to Planning to Build an RV Garage

If you are an avid RV camper and own your RV, you have probably thought about how to store your RV and protect it when it is not in use. You may have considered building an RV garage or of adding an RV storage bay to keep it secure and protected from the weather and other outdoor factors.

Here are some things to consider when planning for an RV garage3 Steps to Planning to Build an RV Garage

What Do You Have in Mind?

What does your dream RV garage or storage look like? Do you hope to have a large detached garage for storing you RV and maybe some other things that need a home around you house? Do you want a larger bay added on to an existing garage? Writing down or communicating what you are hoping for with a custom garage builder will help you to get the ball rolling.

Will What You Want Be Legal and Affordable?

Now that you have a clear idea of what you are hoping for and know if it will be possible after talking with a pro, it is a good idea to find out how much this plan will cost and if it will be legally allowed to be built on your property.

Get a clear estimate of the project cost from a custom garage builder and take it home to see if this cost will work with your current finances. Make sure to add a little bit to this cost for any emergency situations or things that are unexpected that could come up.

You will also want to check in with the local zoning authorities for your specific address to see what is allowed when it comes to adding a structure to your property. Some areas have height restrictions, some have restrictions of how close you can build to the property line, etc. You don’t want to budget for a significant expense only to find out it is not within legal code.

Who Should You Hire to Design and Build?

It is a good idea to talk with more than one custom garage designer/builder before choosing someone to build your RV garage. Do not settle on the person that gives you the lowest cost estimate. Do your homework on custom garage builders in your area.

Read online reviews, ask for examples of previous jobs they have done start to finish, ask about their insurance and warranties on their work, what materials do they use, ask how they train their employees and how they protect them on the job sight and what responsibility they take for their employees while they are working at your home. It is also good to ask if they will be the ones to obtain the building permit and take care of the inspection. All of these are important things to know to ensure you are hiring a trustworthy garage builder that will perform the job you expect.

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