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How Do You Get Better Airflow Through Your Garage?

How Do You Get Better Airflow Through Your Garage? Making sure there is sufficient airflow through your garage is helpful for many different reasons. Proper airflow can help to go more quickly break down harmful exhaust fumes. It can create a safer environment for working with certain chemicals on hobby projects. It can also help to eliminate excessive heat when the weather outside is very warm which can create a less than ideal environment for the contents inside.

Here are some steps you can take to improve ventilation and airflow through the garage

Installing Windows

Most garages come with at least one window. Windows are extremely helpful to improve flow throughout the garage simply by opening them up. If you have a garage that does not have a window it is worth the investment of installing at least just one.

For the best airflow windows placed on the opposite side of the garage from the door is optimal placement. Some people worry about their ability to maintain security and privacy with a window in the garage. If you want to maintain the ability to keep the contents of your garage a secret you can opt for frosted glass.

Open up the door

Opening up the door is of course the best way to improve the airflow through the garage. In some areas, you do not want to have your garage open to the eyes of the public for too long as it can be an open invitation to burglars to case your garage and come back or just stop by and grab something.

You can set the garage door to be open just a few inches from the ground so that air is still flowing and no one can get in. In addition to this, you could add a rolling screen to help keep animals out. There are rolling screens that lock to keep belongings secure while providing ventilation.


Installing rooftop vents will help to eliminate much of the hot air that rises to the roof line of the garage and will keep the temperature much cooler inside. You could use turbine vents, gable vents, or box vents. All of these give an improvement to the airflow with a more secure garage as it is harder to break into a garage through vents than through a window or door. You can also select vents that match the color of the roofing to help them blend in for more security and a better look.

Adding to your HVAC system

You could install an addition to your HVAC system into the garage if it is not already connected to the household system. This is the easiest way to improve airflow but it is also the most costly. Adding the system can provide a high-quality level of airflow to a garage that is larger than 500 ft.². This is a very easy way to provide a quick system of ventilation with very minimal to no effort on a daily basis of worrying about garage ventilation.

Bring in fans

Using a fan or two while working inside the garage can help to keep airflow consistent throughout the area. You can also install a wall-mounted fan and hardwire the fan to the existing electrical wiring in the garage. You want to make sure however that you are not running this fan while you are not home.

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